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What is WEEE Recycling

Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is regulation that covers the recycling handling of waste electronics. This regulations ensures that companies disposing of equipment such as computers and IT equipment responsibly at the end of lifecycle.

Laptop Recycling

Why WEEE recycling is important

The recycling of computer and IT equipment is a legal requirement designed to ensure that the environment is protected. As we become more reliant on technology especially in a business environment, the focus on what happens at the end of the life cycle is often forgotten. By ensuring that IT equipment is recycled correctly we help to increase the reuse of working technology, components and raw materials in future products.

Key Benefits of Recycling WEEE equipment

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Cost of WEEE & Computer Recycling

Collections Fees

This element of the price is calculated by taking into consideration your location and the quantity of the items you require collecting.

Processing Fees

Each computer and laptop will require data wiping or an equivalent secure form of data destruction. This will be largely driven driven by the quantity of items.

Does My Business Have to Recycle WEEE

Recycling is suitable for all types and sizes of businesses

Recycling your WEEE is important, even if you only have a small quantity of equipment. Often our recycling partners are able to combine smaller and larger collections depending on your location.

comparing accredited Recycling Companies

We help you to ensure that you recycling responsibly and with the right companies. All of our recycling partners are fully licensed & legally compliant processes.