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What Is VOIP?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, also called IP telephony, is a method and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications over the internet that are cloud based.

VoIP System

How VOIP could help your business?

VOIP phone systems have grown in popularity as the technology has developed and the internet standards have improved to support the delivery of high definition call quality. These developments have enabled businesses  to connect customer and employees within business at scale. For businesses this has meant that there is no need for restrictive physical telephone lines, which increases flexibility for employees to be able to operate remotely or from their mobile.

Cost is also an important driving factor, as businesses can easily scale up or down the number users without incurring high costs. Features and functionality that would previously have required complicated physical hardware can now be achieved using cloud management portals. These can be accessed from a laptop anywhere in the world and give businesses the ability to control users, view analytics and manage all aspects of the telephone system regardless of whether you have one user or thousands.

Key Benefits of VOIP

Collaborate Anywhere

Easy To Scale

Great Sound Quality

Increased Productivity

Reliable Infrastructure

Lower Costs

VOIP Phone System Pricing

User Pricing

Pricing will be determined by the number of users that you require. This can be tiered by the range of users you require e.g 1 – 100 or based on the specific number users you require.

Features Pricing

VOIP phone systems offer scalability in terms of feature access,so you can often select the features or plans that suit your current business requirements and budget.

VOIP Works For All Businesses

VOIP Keeps businesses Connected From anywhere

The beauty of VOIP telephone systems is that they can be use by small businesses right through to large corporations. This means that smaller businesses have access to same technology to ensure they provide a professional appearance, but also being flexible to adapt as they grow.

comparing VOIP Phone System Providers

The VOIP telephone market is large market with many providers providing similar services but catering for different segments and types of users.  As a result, finding a supplier that meets your specific need but is also able to scale with your business is important. 

We work with a number of suppliers to help make your search for VOIP system provider as straight forward as possible to also help you save money. It is free to use our service to request a quote and you will receive no obligation quotes that you can compare.