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VoIP For Mobile: VoIP Cell Phones & Calling (2024 Guide)

VoIP technology is becoming more and more popular around the world. In fact, one study by Research and Markets shows that the cell phone VoIP market will sustain an annual growth of 21.6% until 20230.

But what does VoIP for mobile mean? Simply, it’s a mobile application that can be installed on a mobile or tablet allowing you to take phone calls over the internet.

Now, is this a different technology than VoIP on phones? Let’s find out in this precise but insightful article.

How does VoIP for mobile work?

VoIP for cell phones works the same way as it does for desk phones. Analogue sound signals are compressed into data packets and sent over the internet to the VoIP network. These digital packets are then decompressed when they reach the receiver.

The only difference is that the calls are managed through a mobile phone instead of a hardware-based desk phone. There are 3 ways of connecting your mobile phone to voice over ip.

  1. Call forwarding: Call forwarding redirects incoming calls from your VoIP number to the mobile phone. When someone calls your business VoIP number, the call is automatically sent to your mobile, allowing you to answer it anywhere without needing to be at the desk.

  2. Simultaneous ring: This makes multiple phones ring at the same time. When someone calls your business VoIP number, both your desk phone and mobile phone ring simultaneously. When you pick up the call on your mobile, the ringing on the desk phone stops.

  3. Mobile app: That’s the most convenient method. The mobile app allows you to make and receive VoIP calls directly on your smartphone. The app functions like your office phone allowing you to use your VoIP number and often includes features like call transfer and voicemail.

You can choose both Wifi or mobile cellular data to manage these calls. Keep in mind that you might have to turn on Wi-fi calling from your SIM settings sometimes.

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Benefits of VoIP For cell phones

VoIP mobile phones offer various advantages to your business.

1. Separate business number for work-related calls

A mobile VoIP number can easily be set up on your smartphones and you can use it specifically for your business calls rather than giving your personal number to clients or colleagues.

This not only maintains a healthy work-life balance but keeps your business calls data properly arranged as well. The work-related calls and messages are saved on the VoIP number separately and thus you can access them anytime without getting confused with the numbers of your family or friends.

2. Improves team collaboration

Whether you have a remote team in a single country or different parts of the world, a mobile VoIP system allows you to connect with the team through internet calls at any time. Your employees can take calls from anywhere as well.

It’s even more convenient if you assign non-fixed VoIP numbers to your employees. Since they are not tied to a specific location, your employees can take calls from around the world with that virtual number. It can also be easily reassigned to a new employee if the old one quits.

3. Helps to take calls on the go

With VoIP on your mobile phone, you are not limited to taking calls from your desk phone. You can manage them on the go – travelling, meeting with overseas clients or rushing to get your coffee in the middle of the day.

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Isabella Robinson
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