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VoIP Texting: How It Works, Benefits & Popular Use Cases

VoIP has become one of the best communication methods for businesses to interact with their clients and customers. It allows voice calls over the internet which is quite convenient. But can you combine VoIP with SMS? The answer is yes.

So what is VoIP texting, how does it work and what are its benefits for your business? Let’s find out.

What is VoIP texting?

VoIP texting also referred to as VoIP SMS, refers to the process of sending and receiving text messages (or MMS messages) through a virtual VoIP phone number. You can also port your existing landline number and use it for VoIP texting. Unlike traditional SMS which needs a SIM card to function, VoIP texts can be managed easily through any VoIP device that has an internet connection (mobile phone, laptop and computer).

Once you send the text to the receiver they can instantly receive it on their mobile, computer or laptop, as long as it’s connected to the internet. This service is particularly beneficial for businesses that require bulk messaging, automated responses, and easy integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

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Setting up VoIP texting

Implement these 5 steps to start sending texts from your business’s VoIP number.

Step 1 (Choosing a reliable VoIP provider):

Keep in mind the following considerations when choosing a reputable and reliable VoIP service provider for your text needs.

  • It should have a strong track record of high uptime guarantees and reliability.
  • It should offer essential texting features such as SMS/MMS support, group messaging, automated responses and integration with business tools.
  • It should offer flexible plans that can accommodate your needs when you decide to scale the service.
  • It should have responsive and knowledgeable customer support available.
  • Its pricing should fit your budget. Look for transparent pricing without any hidden fees.

Step 2 (Selecting a phone number)

There are 2 options in this regard. Either you can receive a new virtual number (toll-free, non-fixed or local) or you can port your existing landline number. Porting involves transferring your existing phone number from one provider to another.

Step 3 (Selecting the package)

Opt for the VoIP package of your choice. Some providers offer per-message pricing which is not user-friendly. Choose a package that allows unlimited texting. After that, configure the settings to get started.

Step 4 (Completing registrations)

As a result of some hacking events, you now have to complete certain registrations like 10DLC before starting to use the VoIP service. This registration aids in preventing your customers from getting scammed. It can be completed through your VoIP portal.

If you don’t understand the process, simply contact your provider and he will guide you through it.

Step 5 (Training the team and getting started)

Get your employees on board, teach them how to send VoIP texts and integrate them with other tools. And then, they are good to go.

VoIP texting vs traditional SMS

Despite delivering the same outcome, there are some marked differences between VoIP texting and traditional SMS. Let’s have a look.

Feature VoIP texting Traditional SMS


Uses the internet.
Uses a SIM card.


You can send and receive texts from multiple devices like phones, computers, desk phones and desktops.
You can only send and receive texts from your phone.


VoIP text packages are affordable.
Phone packages cost more.


End-to-end encrypted.

Benefits of VoIP texting

Why should you switch to VoIP phone texting from traditional SMS for your business? It’s because VoIP texting offers multiple benefits.

  • VoIP texts are often cheaper than SMS, especially for international communication.

  • It supports multimedia files like images, videos and documents which enhances communication among the team members and costumers beyond plain text.

  • It provides advanced features like group messaging, automated responses and scheduled text that improve the efficiency of customer support.

  • VoIP services come with analytics that provide insights into message delivery rates, and open rates. Customer care officers can use this data to improve customer service.

  • VoIP texting services can be easily scaled up or down based on the needs of your business, making it suitable for companies of all sizes.

  • VoIP texting is a reliable communication method that remains unaffected by environmental hazards like earthquakes, as most internet cables are routed underground.

  • They can be integrated with CRM systems and email marketing tools which streamline workflows.

VoIP texting use cases for business

VoIP systems have many applications. Here are some ways through which businesses of all sorts are using VoIP texting to their advantage.

1. Customer support

VoIP texting can significantly improve customer support.

  • Customers can text their issues and receive instant responses from support agents, reducing wait times.

  • VoIP texting can automate common responses to frequently asked questions, freeing up support agents to handle more complex issues.

  • Customer care officers can manage customer texts from multiple devices, ensuring timely responses even when they are away from their desks.

2. Sales

VoIP texting boosts sales efforts by providing a direct way to communicate with potential and existing customers.

  • Sales teams can use VoIP texting to reach out to leads, offering personalised information and initiating conversations.

  • Businesses can send targeted promotion messages and special offers to customers which potentially increases sales.

  • VoIP texting allows sales reps to follow up with customers after initial purchases which nurtures the relationships.

3. Internal communication

It enhances internal communication, which makes sure the team members are informed and connected.

  • Managers can send instant updates and important announcements to employees.

  • Businesses can use texts to engage employees with motivational messages, policy updates or schedule changes, especially in large enterprises.

4. Billing & payment reminders

VoIP texting helps businesses manage billing efficiently.

  • Automated VoIP texts can remind customers of upcoming payment due dates.

  • It can be used to notify customers when invoices are generated or due, especially for service-based businesses like freelance consultants or hairdressers.

  • After receiving payments, businesses can send confirmation texts to provide peace of mind to the customers.

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