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What Is Non-Fixed VoIP? (2024 Guide)

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A lot of businesses are moving to a VoIP phone system because of its prominent advantages over the traditional landline system. But did you know that there are 2 types of VoIP? Fixed and non-fixed VoIP.

Let’s find out about non-fixed VoIP today in depth.

What is a non-fixed VoIP number?

A non-fixed VoIP number is a phone number that isn’t tied to a physical address. Unlike fixed VoIP numbers which are associated with a specific location, non-fixed VoIP numbers can be used anywhere with an internet connection. They are also called virtual phone numbers.

Getting a non-fixed VoIP number is easy. You only need to provide a valid email address and pay for the number. It is best used for businesses that have remote employees or international customers because you can manage calls globally without paying extra for international calls.

Also, your business can have non-fixed numbers with local area codes as customer service numbers without being physically located there. This promotes trust and recognition among the customers.

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How does a non-fixed VoIP number work?

A non-fixed VoIP number works by using the internet to facilitate calls (just like a normal VoIP phone system), independent of a specific geographic location. When you sign up for a non-fixed VoIP service, it lets you opt for a phone number from any area code and this number is linked to your VoIP account.

Calls are made and received using various internet-connected devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The voice from the sender is converted into data packets, transmitted over the internet and routed through the VoIP servers. They get converted back to analogue signals on the receiver side eventually.

Fixed VoIP numbers may have to use the PSTN as part of the communication network but non-fixed numbers will never need it.

One question is how to identify non-fixed VoIP numbers. It’s impossible to identify whether the number is fixed or non-fixed if you look at the number. You will need to get information from the VoIP phone provider for that.

Benefits of using a non-fixed VoIP number

1. Establishes local presence around the world

Using a non-fixed VoIP number, the business can call its customers with local area codes without needing physical offices in those locations. Since these codes are recognisable to the customers, the business appears larger and more established.

2. Provides flexibility in remote working

Non-fixed VoIP numbers allow businesses to operate without being tied to a specific geographic location. The employees can manage calls from anywhere with an internet connection, which is ideal for remote workers or travelling professionals. You can easily add advanced features like video conferencing and virtual faxing to improve collaboration even more.

These numbers are also easier to reassign. If one of your employees leaves, you can reassign it to the new user in just a few minutes.

3. Saves money

VoIP system is cheaper than a traditional landline. But a non-fixed VoIP number is even cheaper. Since it’s not tied to a physical location, you can make international calls at far lower rates than fixed VoIP numbers.

Also, it doesn’t require expensive on-premises equipment like an IP PBX system because the calls can easily be routed through the internet on existing devices (mobile phones, laptops, etc.).

4. Easy to set up

Generally, you only need a valid email address to get a non-fixed VoIP number which makes it a quick process. The process for provisioning a fixed VoIP number requires more information like the office address, etc.

Disadvantages of a non-fixed VoIP number

1. Limitation when calling emergency

Since non-fixed VoIP numbers are not assigned a geographical address, it is unsuitable for making emergency calls. Most emergency calls, if made from this number, cannot be transferred to the correct emergency call centre.

2. Bad reputation

You would have known by now that non-fixed VoIP numbers are quite easy to get. This is the reason they’re been often used by robocalls and scammers for fraudulent activities (these numbers are anonymous and thus almost impossible to track). Due to this reason, non-fixed VoIP numbers have gotten a bad reputation in the past.

But you can still play your part in improving that as a business. You should post your non-fixed business phone number on your website and Google Business page so that if your customers/clients search it online, they can locate you as a legitimate business.

Differences between a fixed and non-fixed VoIP number

The major difference between fixed and non-fixed VoIP is that a fixed VoIP number is assigned to a specific geographic location while a non-fixed VoIP number is not.

Secondly, if you want to use multiple fixed VoIP numbers for your business, you will have to connect them to the PSTN through an SIP trunk. But generally, you won’t need to rely on a telephone network for non-fixed VoIP numbers.

Thirdly, a fixed VoIP number is not that easy to get because you need to provide and authenticate your physical office address first. A non-fixed VoIP number, on the other hand, only requires a valid email address to be set up.

Fixed VoIP number Non-fixed VoIP number

Tied to a fixed geographic location.


Not tied to a physical location.


Needs extra hardware like PSTN and SIP trunk to be used in a business setting.


Generally, does not rely on a PSTN or SIP trunking infrastructure.


Not easy to get as you have to authenticate your physical address first.


Can be achieved by providing just your email address.


Tips for using a non-fixed VoIP number for your business effectively

Your business can get the most out of non-fixed VoIP numbers using these tips.

  • When making the call, start by introducing your company/business so the conversation initiates professionally. This is because when you’re calling from a non-fixed VoIP number, the receiver will see your number on the caller ID, but not your business’s name.

  • Some customers will not pick up when you call from a non-fixed VoIP number, considering it spam. But they might search it online to see if it belongs to a legitimate business. This is why you should publish/display your number on the website and other social media pages of your company. Doing this will increase the trustworthiness of your business.

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Yes, it can be traced but it’s more challenging than tracing a fixed VoIP number. Tracing involves identifying the IP address, but since it could be a shared Wi-fi or be reassigned to a new user, it can be very difficult to locate the correct caller.

Yes, you can call back a non-fixed VoIP number just like any other phone number. However, since it’s not tied to a specific physical location, the call might not reach a fixed location, but to a mobile device or any other internet-connected device.

Yes, non-fixed VoIP numbers can receive texts. These numbers function similarly to traditional phone numbers making them useful for businesses who need flexible communication options without being tied to a specific physical location.

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Isabella Robinson
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