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What is a Mobile Card Reader?

A mobile card reader is a PDQ device that allows you to process debit and credit card payments using a mobile device. It can be attached to a tablet or a smartphone via Bluetooth or a headphone jack.

It works with a point of sale (POS) app that enables you to accept card, contactless, and mobile payments from anywhere.

It works with a point of sale (POS) app that enables you to accept card, contactless, and mobile payments from anywhere.

For UK retailers, we have listed five leading POS mobile systems and native apps. Each of these platforms offers unique features and ensures smooth transactions.

  • ConnectPOS
  • Square
  • Lightspeed
  • Epos Now
  • TouchBistro

Learn how to find the right mobile card reader for your business. Select the machine that meets your specific business needs, like preferable payment methods, ease of payment, and transaction volume.

Range of Card Transactions

Mobile card machines can be used for the following types of card transactions:

  1. Contactless
  2. Chip and Pin
  3. Magstripe

Mobile Card Reader vs Traditional PDQ Terminal

It’s easy to confuse a portable credit card machine, with a mobile card machine (aka mobile card reader). Traditional card terminals are connected to the server via GPRS, landline, or an ethernet cable. They can only be used within a certain range.

However, these differ from the new mobile card readers that connect to a smartphone or tablet in the following ways:

Feature Traditional Card PDQ Mobile Card Reader
  • Connected via landline, Ethernet, or GPRS
  • Limited to premises of the base unit
  • Utilises Wi-Fi or mobile network
  • Not limited to the base unit.
Size and Portability
  • Bulkier and heavier
  • Can appear dated
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to transport
  • Monthly fees for data connection
  • Rental costs
  • Cost ineffective for businesses with low volume of transactions
  • Requires a one-time payment
  • No monthly fees
  • Cost-effective for all business sizes

How to Use Mobile Card Readers

To start accepting card payments with a mobile card reader, simply:

  • Sign up with a mobile PDQ machine provider and purchase your mobile card reader.
  • Download the provider’s recommended app onto your smartphone or tablet, and log in using the credentials you received during registration. These apps support both iOS and Android devices.
  • Pair your mobile device with the new card reader via wireless or Bluetooth, following the instructions provided in the app and the manual that comes with your card reader.
  • You’re now ready to process your first payment with your mobile card reader.

How to Accept Payments with a Mobile Card Reader?

To begin accepting payments with your mobile PDQ machine, follow these steps:

  • Input the transaction amount into your card payment application.
  • Use the mobile card reader to process the payment, selecting from chip and pin, magstripe, or contactless options.
  • Have the customer enter their PIN on the mobile payment device if required.
  • Decide on delivering the receipt by printing it out or sending it digitally via email or SMS.

How Secure are Mobile Card Readers?

Mobile card readers offer high levels of security, making them a reliable option for processing payments. Here’s why:

  • All data from debit or credit cards remain encrypted during transactions, preventing unauthorised access to sensitive information.
  • Sellers can’t see account details, and customers only input their PIN after their card data is encrypted.
  • Look for reputable mobile card reader providers that adhere to the security protocols, including OWASP and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
  • Providers with PCI certification and the EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) seal offer additional assurance about the network’s security and the device’s safety.

How Much Does a Mobile Card Reader Cost?

The price of a mobile card reader (mobile PDQ machine) depends on many factors, including; 

  • Mobile card reader provider you choose. 
  • Type of mobile card reader you need.
  • Any additional services the provider offers.
  • Number of mobile PDQ machines you need.
  • Whether you decide to buy or rent a mobile card machine.

If you are deciding to get a whole POS system, then the cost of other components such as a receipt printer, cash register, and barcode scanner will also be included in the overall cost of switching to taking card payments through a mobile card machine. Similarly, if you don’t have an existing merchant account then you will have to pay for one.

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Transaction speed can vary depending on machine type and location, on average a standard transaction can be approved within a second.

Yes, although it depends on the providers. Some providers allow custom branding of your mobile card machine to help you explore options for a personalised touch.

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