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What is a Card Machine Loan?

A Card Machine Loan (also known as Merchant Cash Advance, or Credit Card Machine Advance) is a financing option that provides your business with an up-front (advance) amount against your future credit card sales. This financial product is designed for businesses that accept payments through Credit Card Machines. 

Merchant Cash Advance

The total amount of Credit Card Processing Loan available for a business depends upon the volume of Credit Card Sales a business has. It is an ideal financial solution for businesses with low assets or limited credit history and a good volume of credit card transactions.

SMEs including retail stores, restaurants, and service-oriented businesses are best suited for using Credit Card Merchant Advance. With a Credit Card Processing Loan, you can inject tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds of cash into your business within days.

How Card Machines Loans Work?

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Credit Card Machine Loan Vs Traditional Business Loan

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What Are the Costs of Credit Card Merchant Advance?

  • Is a Credit Card Machine Loan same as a Merchant Cash Advance?
  • How much can my business borrow?
  • Am I eligible for a credit card machine loan?

Credit Card Machine Loan (also known as Credit Card Merchant Advance) is another name for Merchant Cash Advance or PDQ Cash Advance. It is a fast funding option for businesses that accept payments through (PDQ) Credit Card Machines.

The borrowing amount for Credit Card Machines depends on your business's credit card sales volume. Credit Card Loan providers typically consider your past few months of credit card (PDQ machine) sales and profitability to determine the total amount you can borrow. This amount can range from a few thousand to over a hundred thousand pounds.

To qualify for a Credit Card Machine Loan (same as Payment Processing Cash Advance), here are three basic requirements:

  • Your Business receives payments through (PDQ) Card machines
  • Your business has a healthy volume of card transactions
  • Your business is profitable

Key Benefits of Card Machine Loan

Access funds quickly​

No Collateral Required

Flexible Repayments

No Hidden Cosy

Increase Cash Flow

Reduce Bad Debt

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Credit Card Machine Loan FAQs

No, Credit Card Machine Loan (also known as Credit Card Merchant Advance) does not have fixed monthly payments. Repayments are based on a fixed percentage of your daily, weekly, and monthly credit card sales.

Yes, it’s possible to obtain a Credit Card Machine Loan with a bad credit rating as it is primarily based on the sales performance and profitability of your business rather than your credit score.