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What is a PDQ Machine?

PDQ stands for ‘Process Data Quickly’. It was the original name used for card machines when they were first introduced to the UK. Nowadays, the PDQ machine is an umbrella term used to describe any device that can take credit or debit card payments. Card machines (also called card terminals), card readers, and chip and pin machines are all PDQ machines because they have the same purpose: to process card payments.

PDQ Machine Costs

PDQ Machines Accept a Range of Card & Contactless Payments

How to Choose a PDQ Machine for Small Businesses

The best PDQ machine for your business depends on several factors, such as:

  • The size and scale of your business
  • Nature of your business (i.e. restaurant, retail shop, courier service, etc.).
  • The volume of card transactions you expect
  • The type of payment methods your customers prefer (i.e. card or contactless payments)

There are a variety of PDQ machines to choose from, but ComparedBusiness will help you choose the best one according to your business needs.

Types of PDQ Machines

countertop credit card machine


Take payments at fixed locations

  • No charging needed
  • Small, compact design


Take payments within your business premises

  • Small & lightweight
  • Modern, sleek design
  • Long battery life


Take payments anywhere

  • Not limited by the range of wifi/bluetooth
  • Long battery life

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Bars & Clubs

Leisure Clubs

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Which Card Machine Do You Need?

While determining what PDQ machine is best for your business, you should:


  • Decide which type of PDQ machine (countertop, portable, or mobile) is best suited for your business.
  • Determine whether you need a basic terminal or a more advanced touchscreen with additional features.
  • Consider both the purchase price of the machine and ongoing costs (monthly or per-transaction fees).
  • Ensure the PDQ machine is user-friendly.
  • Choose a vendor with quick and good customer service.
  • Choose a machine known for its dependability to avoid unexpected issues.

Why Compare PDQ Machines at ComparedBusiness?

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There’s no difference. PDQ machines and credit card machines are the names of the devices used to process card payments quickly. Both terms refer to the equipment that allows businesses to accept payments through credit and debit cards.

Yes, you can switch your PDQ machine provider to save costs and stay updated with technology.

Yes, you can get a PDQ machine for your small business. Many PDQ machine providers specialise in providing cost-efficient solutions for small businesses. ComparedBusiness will make it easy for you. Just fill out the form and get the list of top PDQ machine providers in the UK delivered to your email for free. You can compare and choose the best one as per your business needs.

To take card payments, you need to:

  • Choose a payment processor and get a merchant account.
  • For taking card payments physically, select a PDQ terminal that fits the needs of your business.
  • For online card payments, you need an integrated payment gateway or mobile card payment solution.

Yes, although it depends on the providers. Some providers allow custom branding of your card machine to help you explore options for a personalised touch.

Choosing the right PDQ machine depends on your business needs. We at ComparedBusiness can help you choose the best PDQ machine for your small business. Just submit your business requirements for PDQ machines & epos systems in less than 2-mins and ComparedBusiness will get back to you with detailed quotes from a list of top PDQ machines in the UK.