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Different Types of Websites – with Live Examples (2024 Guide)

If you are looking to build your own website, then understanding the different types of websites is important as each type of website differs greatly from others in terms of design, functionality, and cost.

This blog will help you understand common types of websites along with real-life examples. This blog explains different use cases of different types of websites, explaining what they are for. You can take inspiration from the examples to start one of your own.

Business Website

In the online world, your business website is like a virtual storefront—inviting, informative, and ready to engage visitors. It serves as the face of your brand. From small-scale setups to feature-packed platforms, business websites come in various styles, all with the shared goal of introducing your business to your visitors and potential customers.

You will need several pages on your websites. About Us section to share your story, mission, and vision with visitors. Product or Services section to showcase your products or services. You can include an FAQ section to address the most common questions about your business.

Business Website Example:

Typeform has a great business website featuring a simple design with plenty of whitespace, clear CTAs, and superb copywriting. The homepage showcases trust signals such as reviews, stats, and big clients Typeform works with that help visitors become customers.
Different Types of Websites - Typeform Business Website
Nestle UK website is another example of a good business website. It features all the relevant information about Nestle on web pages like About Us, Our Stories, & Brands. Users can also see the latest news and campaigns by Nestle UK on this site.
Different Types of Websites - Nestle UK

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Blog website

Blog websites are used to share ideas, information, and updates about particular interests. Blogs are usually managed by individual bloggers, a small team, or a business. You can build a blog website around a topic that you are passionate about. If your blog gets sufficient traffic, you can find ways to monetise your blog through affiliate marketing, or display advertising.

As a business, a blog helps you to connect with your audience and provide them with the information they are looking for. A blog helps your business become an authority on topics and interests that are related to your business.

Blog Website Example:

Hubspot Blog is one of the leading blog sites on the internet, boasting 15 million+ monthly visitors. The site has neatly categorised the blogs into various categories for smooth navigation. Its blog pages are well-structured and easy to read.
Different Types of Websites - Hubspot Blog
Similarly, Search Engine Journal is an industry-leading blog that publishes regular articles and news about search marketing. The structure and design of Search Engine Journal can serve as an inspiration for your own blog website.
Different Types of Website - Blog Website Example

Portfolio Website

A portfolio website is like a digital showcase of your skills, talents, and achievements. It’s like having an online resume, but way cooler! It’s a place where you can present your work as a creative freelancer or agency and make a great first impression on potential clients, employers, or anyone curious about what you bring to the table.

How can you use Portfolio website?

A portfolio website is your online passport to new clients and opportunities! Whether you’re job hunting, freelancing, or just want to share your passion projects, a portfolio website lets you stand out. You can show off your projects, share your story, and let people get to know the awesome person or agency behind the work.

Portfolio  Website Example:

The portfolio website of Helena Bowen is a splendid example of how to make a portfolio website. Trust signals, experiences, recommendations, past projects — you name it, this portfolio website has it all.
Different Types of Websites - Portfolio Website

E-commerce website

E-commerce websites are used to sell products online. Having an e-commerce website means having a 24/7 shop that never closes. You can display your products, manage your inventory, and easily handle transactions, all in one online space. For your customers, using an e-commerce website is like having the ultimate shopping adventure without the hassle of going from a physical store.

E-commerce websites are complex and loaded with many features & functionalities. It allows your customers to browse through different categories, explore products digitally, and make purchases. The best e-commerce website has easy navigation, impeccable design, and seamless user experience.

E-commerce Website Example:

Amazon UK is a good example of a large and complex e–commerce site. Despite featuring tens of thousands of products from various categories, it has maintained a seamless user experience & navigation.
Different Types of Websites - Amazon UK
Shwoodshop is an example of a relatively small-scale e-commerce store. It features a simple website design with a focus on providing a seamless user experience and an easy-to-navigate product catalogue.
Different Types of Website - E-Commerce Example

News website

A news website is like a digital newspaper that brings the latest stories and updates right to your screen. It’s like having a virtual newsstand at your fingertips! They’re like information hubs where you can find articles, videos, and photos covering everything from global events to local happenings.

A news website enables you to stay in the loop with what’s going on in the world, whether it’s breaking news, entertainment gossip, or sports highlights. For readers, it’s a one-stop shop to be informed and entertained. For those who love to share stories, news websites provide a platform to reach a broad audience and contribute to the ongoing conversation.

News Website Examples:

BBC is a good example of a news website. It focuses on featuring the latest news on top. The website has plenty of categories for users to surf and navigate to their favourite news section.
Different Types of Websites - BBC

Forum Website

A forum website is like an online meeting place where people gather to chat, share ideas, and discuss all sorts of topics. It’s like a digital coffee shop where conversations flow freely! They’re like community hubs where users can post messages, ask questions, and connect with others who share similar interests.

It’s like having a diverse group of friends who are always ready to lend a hand or offer a different perspective. If you are looking to build a forum website, make sure that it has user-friendly features like posting questions/answers, liking & disliking an answer, etc.

Forum Website Examples:

Reddit & Quora are the two largest forum websites on the internet. They both boast 3 billion+ monthly users. That is the power of good website design and user-generated content.

Different Types of Website - Reddit
Different Types of Website - Quora Detail

Single Landing Page Website

Sometimes, a website has a single webpage focused on a single goal; convert visitors, collect user data, sign up for waitlists, and more. Imagine a single landing page website like a superhero with one mission – it’s all about getting one thing done! Unlike big websites with lots of pages, a single landing page is like a focused ninja, honing in on a specific goal. It could be convincing visitors to join a cool club, sharing their email for updates, or signing up for a waitlist. This type of website is like a one-stop-shop where everything happens on one page, keeping it simple and straightforward.

Well, the single landing page is designed to catch your attention and guide you towards that special action, like pressing a button or typing in your email. It’s like a virtual handshake saying, “Hey, here’s what I’m about, and here’s what I want you to do.”

Single Landing Page Website Examples:

Muzzle App is a good example of how to pull off a single-page website. Muzzle is a Mac app that silences notifications during screen sharing. The website not only explains the functionality but also showcases the app’s importance to the users.
Different Types of Websites - Muzzle App

A Wiki or Knowledgebase Website

A wiki or knowledgebase website is like a super-smart library where information is shared in the form of easy-to-follow guides. It’s like a digital and interactive encyclopedia anyone can contribute to and benefit from!

Whether you want to learn about a new technology, delve into historical events, or explore scientific concepts, a wiki is the place to be. Users not only read the content but are also provided visual content for better understanding.

Wiki Website Examples:

Wiki-How is a good example. It features answers to common questions in the form of step-by-step guides, videos, tips & tricks.
Different Types of Websites - WikiHow

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Written by:

Isabella Robinson
Isabella Robinson
Isabella Robinson is a seasoned business content writer, leveraging several years of experience to craft impactful narratives that seamlessly blend business insights with engaging storytelling across diverse industries. Her expertise lies in delivering compelling content that resonates with audiences.

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