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How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost in 2024?

Your website isn’t just a pretty face; it’s the face of your business, often the spot where leads are generated. Security certificates expire, domain names demand renewal, and content becomes outdated. Neglecting these updates is like playing with fire, especially in the digital world.

In this guide, we’ll break down the costs – from domain renewal to SEO – and guide you on how much website maintenance costs in the UK, and how to manage those costs.

Maintenance Costs for Different Websites

From personal blogs to e-commerce sites, each type comes with its own set of requirements. We’ll break down what you can expect to spend on keeping your website running smoothly, helping you understand the unique costs associated with your online presence. Here’s an overview:

Website Type Monthly Maintenance Cost
Personal Websites
£4 – £20/month
Professional Blogs
£20 – £60/month
Small to Medium Business Websites
£28 – £400/month
Multimedia Entertainment Websites
£240 – £2,000/month
Corporate Websites
£160 – £3,600/month
eCommerce Websites
£600 – £4,000/month

Web Domain Renewal Fees

Your website’s address is like a lease. It needs renewal. When you get a domain, it’s like renting a spot on the internet for a certain time, say one year or more. But when that time’s up, That’s where domain renewal kicks in.

Renewing your domain comes with a cost, and in 2024, the cost of renewing a domain name in the UK can range from £0.01 to £20 per year for the first year, with some small additional costs for extras such as a business email address. It can cost a lot more if the domain name is a premium one.

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Web Hosting Costs

Whether it’s shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting, each option has its own price tag.

We’ll explore the average costs for these hosting plans, ensuring you have a clear picture of what to expect in the realm of web hosting expenses.

Shared Hosting

Description: Think of it like splitting an apartment with roommates. Budget-friendly, but resources are shared.

Ideal for: Smaller websites.

Top 5 Shared Hosting Services in the UK (2024):

Provider Starting Monthly Cost Features


Fast website loading, 100% uptime guarantee, unlimited bandwidth, automated daily backups.


10 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth.


Fast website loading, unlimited storage for the basic plan, 99.9% uptime.


Fast website loading, unlimited storage for the basic plan, 99.9% uptime.


5 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Description: Your own digital space. More space and control than shared hosting without the cost of a whole house.

Ideal for: Those who need more than shared hosting but don’t want the full dedicated package.

Top 5 VPS Hosting Providers in the UK (2024):

Provider Monthly Cost Uptime Rating









A2 Hosting


Dedicated Hosting

Description: Renting an entire house just for you. Best for large websites with lots of visitors and data. Websites that consider their website as a critical source of income and want to maximise uptime. 

Ideal for: Gaming & live streaming sites, websites that provide financial services like payment processing, e-commerce sites, etc.

Pricing: Ranges from £120 to £1,000 monthly.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Costs

Once you have a website, you want it to showcase it to your potential customers. You want your site to rank on top on search engines like Google whenever a user searches for the products or services your business is selling. For this purpose, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your website is included in website maintenance costs. 

The cost of SEO services in the UK varies greatly depending on the type, size, and complexity of your website.

Hourly Rate SEO Services

Pricing Model Description Cost Range (Monthly)
Ideal for basic on-page SEO or link building.
£20 to £60/hr

Monthly Rate SEO Services

Pricing Model Description Cost Range (Monthly)
Standard ongoing SEO efforts.
£299 to £500 (Small businesses)
Standard ongoing SEO efforts.
£1,201 to £2,500 (Medium businesses with moderately complex websites)
Standard ongoing SEO efforts.
£2,500 to £4,999 (Medium to large businesses with complex websites)

Per Project SEO Services

Pricing Model Description Cost Range (Monthly)
Per Project
Mid-level SEO
£2,000 to £4,000
Per Project
High-end SEO
Averages at £7,000

DIY SEO vs. Professional SEO

DIY (Do it yourself) SEO involves investing your time with minimal direct expenses, while professional SEO services come with a financial commitment. Choosing between DIY and professional SEO depends on your budget, time availability, and the level of expertise you seek.

Let’s break down the costs.

Aspect DIY SEO Professional SEO

Initial Costs

Low (mostly time)
Medium to High

Learning Curve

N/A (Depends on Agency)

Time Investment


Control Over Strategy






How ComparedBusiness Can Help You in Website Maintenance

As a website owner, you should prioritise maintenance for optimal performance. Regular updates, security checks, and content refreshes contribute to user satisfaction and SEO rankings.

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Written by:

Isabella Robinson
Isabella Robinson
Isabella Robinson is a seasoned business content writer, leveraging several years of experience to craft impactful narratives that seamlessly blend business insights with engaging storytelling across diverse industries. Her expertise lies in delivering compelling content that resonates with audiences.

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